How To Attract Beautiful Women

Eye Contact

This is the most common advice given to men who want to attract beautiful women, yet most still fail to do it. Strong eye contant lets a woman know that you are confident and that her beauty doesn't intimidate you. When you start to practice making eye contact, don't only do it with beautiful women. Do it with every person you have a conversation with. Discipline yourself to not look down or let your eyes wander around when talking to people. Make it your creed, motto, and religion to have great eye contact with everyone. Before you know it, it will become automatic, and you won't have to think about doing it.


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Sometimes, Being Yourself, Doesn't Work.

I never liked the advice of just being oneself to attract women. It all depends. If you have the type of personality that easily attracts women, then being yourself is okay. But if you have all the traits push women away, then being yourself is not okay. No one is suggesting to be something that you're not, but you must incoporate attractive traits with your own unique personality. The best way to do this is the watch those who are good at attracting women, and emulate them. For example, every ladykiller in every movie that you ever seen is not a smiling dope. They do smile, but with a mischievious smirk. The don't react to circumstances around them. The react they way they want to. They don't fidget, stutter or have shifty eyes. These are just a couple of examples of certain things to practice when you want to attract beautiful women. Study the best, then be the best.

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It's Not Your Words, But Your Vibe

Men get caught up in worrying about what words to say to attract women. They think they need James Bond lines in order to keep a woman's attention. The fact of the matter is, is that it really doesn't matter what you say, as long as your vibe is right. There has been times where every word I uttered to a woman was in of itself boring, but I looked into her eyes, relaxed my own eyes, and made her feel like we were the only two people in the world. Don't get me wrong, you should always try to improve your conversational skills, but for beginners, work on having an relaxed, fun vibe.

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Practice, Practice, Practice.

All the advice, self-help books, and articles in the world won't help if you don't get out there and practice approaching and meeting beautiful women. This is the part most men find an excuse not to go out and practice going after the women they want. It is the same as a man learning about how to fly a plane through books and training videos, but never going out and trying to actually physically fly a plane. The more you go out and try to talk to women, the easier it will be. It is scary at first. It is out of your comfort zone. But it is no comfort to see beautiful everywhere you turn and not have the courage to pursue them.

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